Why use professional actors?

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Using professional actors in your corporate role-play training brings far more benefits than having staff members play opposite roles:

Role plays are realistic

Actors know how to release the real emotions a situation stirs. An actor can be angry, confused, authoritative or subordinate, with absolute conviction. It is difficult, if not impossible, for an employee to behave this way at will. They are not trained to do so and may feel inhibited. Letting an actor play opposite roles allows delegates to concentrate on being themselves. The difficult and emotionally charged situations role play often deals with can be handled with tact and care.

Disbelief is suspended

Many participants are nervous of role-play training and can find the situations they are placed in contrived. This feeling is not helped when they know the person playing opposite them is a work colleague. An actor is a genuine stranger with the ability to play a realistic role; this helps to create a more believable situation.

Actors portray genuine reactions

This helps people truly see what impact their behaviour has.

Delegates are kept ‘in the moment’

Delegates often switch in and out of scenarios cutting down on vital time when training really makes an impact. It’s part of an actor’s skill to stay focused and keep those around them focused too.

Actors can improvise

They are equipped with improvisational skills enabling them to have an overview of the role play, with the ability to steer it in different directions if needed.


Often a vital part of corporate role play, the fact that actors can give impartial feedback is invaluable. Feedback gained from an outside source will be fresher and more objective than that given by a fellow employee familiar with your organisation’s practices. It’s an actor’s job to study human behaviour making them well qualified to analyse communication skills.

Actors can portray any different character

In their working career an actor might be playing Hamlet at The Old Vic Theatre before taking the part of a petty criminal in a TV police drama. Applying this expertise to business means it is possible to embody any character useful to your role-play training.

Actors can portray many different characters in one training session

Professional actors are able to play a variety of characters in succession meaning different briefs can be covered by a single role player.


Actors are equipped at playing a role again and again making training or assessments equal for all participants.


You may simply have no available staff to role play opposite delegates. Having actors play tricky roles cuts down on general nerves and leaves trainers free to concentrate on learning points.

Role-play training is more interesting, entertaining and effective

Professional actors will lead your role play to the best outcomes with confidence.

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