Give participants an invaluable insight to their own behavior with actor feedback on role-play exercises.

Add value with Feedback

Impartial feedback from an outside source adds an enormous value to learning and development exercises. It can be during the feedback stage that learning makes the greatest impact with a proverbial light-bulb switched on for those taking part. Participants are wowed in role-play feedback sessions because they have been given a unique experience to understand more about themselves.

To hold a mirror up to ourselves is always fascinating and can be life changing. These revelations mean that communication skills within your organization, and hence your organization, can only improve.

Work with our experienced actors to gain insight through role play and feedback sessions.

London Role Play’s professional actors are both skilled and experienced at giving feedback in a constructive and positive manner. We have worked in all levels of management training for over a decade and understand how vital good feedback is to successful learning. Our corporate role-play training experience and expertise means our team has an excellent awareness for the development points you will want to make clear.

What makes an actor skilled at giving feedback?

Actors have a natural aptitude for being good at giving feedback as their job involves them constantly looking at human nature. They need to consider communication, objectives, and body language in order to play a realistic role. Actors also spend their lives working to control their nerves.

We find that many learning points in workshops and assessments come down to nervousness. Our nerves might make us introverted, bombastic, meek, superior, or simply talk too fast. A good actor is an expert at both recognizing these nerves and giving advice on how to control them. Find out what makes a good professional role-player.

How should role-play feedback be delivered?

We can help you deliver feedback in a number of ways and from different perspectives.

Whatever approach you take, you might firstly want to let the participant de-brief how they felt their exercise went. This allows participants to be clear about their performance before they need to absorb feedback. It also provides those giving feedback useful insight to points they want to raise.

Feedback can then come from any trainers or coach, group members, and, of course, the role-play actors.

Our actors can give feedback both in and out of character. To give feedback out of character is more objective but, if there’s time, feedback in character can help cement exactly how that character felt in a given situation.

(It might also be that you brief actors on individual participants before an exercise starts, or before a feedback session, in order to ascertain that participant’s particular needs and goals.)

You can also ask us to contribute to evaluation by gathering feedback from the delegates on the role-play training itself.

Read about a professional role-player’s top 12 feedback tips in our blog.

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