Research and Design

Make your projects relevant and believable with our bespoke research and design service. We can design role-play scenarios, training and development workshops, plus create film scripts and storyboards.


Business simulations must be realistic to to be effective and to ensure this realism thorough research is crucial. We carry out research in order to undertake design, or to simply have a better understanding of the roles our corporate actors will be playing. Actors need to know the realities of the characters they portray; the day-to-day job that character might do, the language or jargon they may use, age, dress, social factors etc.

When undertaking design we like to conduct face-to-face research meetings. This allows us good insight and is invaluable when design replicates your organisation’s working life. Our research ensures relevant simulations are chosen and, for corporate role-play training purposes, throws light on the different ways to deal with situations. It can also help give an accurate account of objectives, action and language needed within a scene.

Research meetings allow personnel added ownership of your project and likewise help buy-in.


Let London Role Play design part or all of your project.

Role-Play Scenarios

We can design role-play scenarios providing briefs for both actors and participants. You may also want us to assist in creating notes for trainers or coaches.

Role Play and Forum Workshops

Talk to us about designing or co-designing your role-play workshops and forum workshops.

Every workshop is different with us creating workshop content to fit with your specific needs. We can also facilitate your workshop and help you with structure and timetabling.

Find out what type of professional role-play is most suited to your project, or read more in a forum-workshop case study for Tower Hamlets.

‘Personal Impact’ Workshops

See how our Personal Impact workshops can help your participants improve their confidence and image at work. We design bespoke courses teaching acting techniques to help performance in the workplace. These techniques are useful to all manner of situations such as public speaking, business meetings, networking, creative thinking etc. Our facilitators are dynamic and engaging approaching the workshops in a practical and down-to-earth manner.

Corporate Films

Ask our experienced script writers and film makers to assist you in writing scripts and storyboards. For drama-based films we can also workshop content using our team of professional actors. Find out more about our film-production services.

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