Choose London Role Play for the best professional corporate role-play actors.

Our professional role-players are top actors you see on your theatre stages and TV screens. It is the magic of the reality they create that will enable your participants to buy into their training and learn valuable lessons. This is the same illusion that has us gripped by a TV drama or a West End show.

Professional actors learn improvisational skills which, when applied to role play, means they can act in a believable way whilst keeping the action within your parameters. This may simply relate to maintaining a consistency for delegates. It might mean being ‘gentler’ with a delegate who is feeling under confident.

It could involve pushing the role play towards an area of communication to which the delegate needs to pay special attention. Whatever the requirement, our role-play actors are skilled at upholding your guidelines and needs. You have the freedom to direct your communication-skills project towards the best possible outcomes.

See the benefits of using professional actors for role play, or meet some of our role-play actors

In order to be professional role-players our actors have honed their knowledge of the corporate world and learnt excellent feedback skills. They will approach your project well prepared, undertaking their role play with respect and enthusiasm.

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