What makes a good role player?

Professional role players are professional actors who have honed their skills to corporate role-play. We demand high standards in our role players and look for the following in order to give you an excellent service.

  • Acting Talent. This is your core product. Good acting equals good role play and the reality it simulates enables participants to buy into their training.
  • Reliability and Trust. We work as a large creative family and know our role players well. It is essential they turn up for your projects well prepared and on time.
  • Good Work Ethic. There is often a lot of background to study for role-play projects and we need our actors to approach this with enthusiasm. It’s also important that role players are attentive and well focused throughout development days.
  • Down-to-Earth and Calm Attitude. Development days are sometimes stressful events to organize and you need role players to bring ease and calm to this, not to add further pressure.
  • Good Casting. For believable simulations, you want your role players to be well cast. We have a broad spectrum of actors covering different types, ages, and ethnic backgrounds. We have lots of management-training experience and many of our actors are well suited to playing senior roles.
  • Respect for Job. Our actors hold their corporate work in high esteem and view it as an essential and interesting part of their career. Corporate role-play can hold far more job satisfaction than a couple of lines on a soap opera!

Choose the right type of role play for your project.

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