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Get London Role Play’s highly-skilled professional actors for your corporate role-play training to bring your business simulations to life.


We have some of the best UK actors in the business working with us. They’ve honed their skills as professional role-players to bring you the same level of expertise they offer to our TV screens and theatres. Meet some of our actors.

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Right for Your Project

The actors are cast by looking at gender, age, ethnicity, and general ‘type’ required. Our actors are further chosen for their reliability and friendly down-to-earth attitude. Your projects can be stressful to organise and we want to supply you with role players who alleviate this pressure, not add to it. We know our team well and are confident of both their talent and attitude. Find out what makes a good professional role-player.


London Role Play actors have broad experience of working in the business sector and are skilled at delivering feedback. They have utmost respect for their corporate role-play training work and will approach your project with dedication and enthusiasm in addition to being well prepared.

Many of the actors we provide to businesses have extensive careers in TV and film bringing a high level of skill to your corporate-film production. Find out the many benefits to using professional actors in business.

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