Film Production

Put your corporate communications on film with London Role Play. We can provide you with a single performer or an entire production team. Your film can be made usable on multiple devices and also produced for the Web.

Training Videos

Hire London Role Play to produce your bespoke training-videos.

Training videos are an excellent way of enhancing internal communications by reaching large numbers of personnel quickly and worldwide.

Here are some extracts from NHS Training Films produced by London Role Play.

See some of the main benefits of training videos for learning and development.

Corporate Videos

Bring your corporate communications to life with London Role Play video production.

We can supply a start-to-finish service from script-writing to distribution; or simply provide you with individual artists and technicians be they camera crew, actors, voice-over artists, or presenters.

Our team can help with:
  • Training Videos
  • Event Film and capture
  • Internal Communications
  • News Releases
  • Conference and Presentation Videos
  • Web Videos
  • Sales and Promotional
  • Testimonials

Performers and Technicians

Use London Role Play’s actors, presenters, voice-over artists, and technicians for your film projects.

We work alongside performers on a regular basis and know who’s right for your job without you needing an expensive casting process. For drama-based films we can cast actors of different character types looking at age, ethnic background, and any other requirements you might have. Our team is also made up of professional voice-over artists and presenters meaning London Role Play can take care of all extra personnel needed on film.

Also contact The London Role Play Company if you require camera people and lighting technicians. Whether you need one camera person or an entire crew, we can provide the right team for your business events. Our technicians can use their own kit or any in-house equipment you prefer them to work with.

Event Filming and Capture

Whether a training event, assessment, conference, seminar, or party, use our production team to capture the event on film.

London Role Play can provide you with a single camera-person or an entire crew to film your business events. Our experienced team are able to edit footage and produce your film for DVD or other distribution channels.

Thinking of filming Training and Assessments?

Participants in training and assessment centres learn a great deal from having the opportunity to watch their behavior on film. The ability to replay role play and other interactive exercises is also a valuable tool for trainers and assessors. With the back-up of film there is one hundred percent certainty of what has been witnessed, and development points are easily underlined to participants.

For an exam assessment, film footage might be crucial to maintaining fair standards.

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