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    How do you tell someone that they have only months to live? Luckily it’s a question most of us don’t have to consider but for some doctors it’s part of their job.

    The Royal College’s medical exams assess doctors in practical skills including communicating bad news to patients and relatives.

    London Role Play was asked to provide professional actors for these exams, it being important communication skills are assessed in a realistic scenario.

    We have since provided experienced role-play actors for the exams across several NHS Trusts for a number of years. The role-play actors take care to prepare thoroughly for the examinations and are skilled at ensuring they are consistent for each participant. Our professional role-players are also adept at portraying the wide range of emotions these highly charged scenarios might call for.

    “Using London Role Play has made life a lot easier! The company provides a reliable and professional approach to delivering often complicated and emotional scenarios. The actors are skilled in ensuring every candidate experiences the same situation, which in turn ensures high examination standards are maintained.”

    Lynn Hansell
    (LDD Manager, Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust)

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