Learn more about London Role Play’s corporate role-play services and about using our large network of professional actors in your communications projects.

Do you supply your services nationwide?


Do you supply your services internationally?


Can you supply large numbers of actors?

Yes. We have a broad network of actors.

What are your costs?

Our costs depend on specific requirements. To get an accurate quote please call us to discuss your needs. All our rates are very competitive.

Do you give half-day rates?

We do but the daily rate won’t literally be halved. We need to take into account that a half-day probably prevents actors being booked elsewhere that day.

Do you charge for consultation?

No. Consultation meetings are free of charge.

Can you supply actors from different ethnic backgrounds?

Yes. We have role-play actors of different ethnicities, ages, and general ‘type’. The actors will be cast for you as they would be for TV or theatre.

Do you have actors able to play senior roles?

Yes. We have worked in all levels of management training for over a decade and many of our actors are suited to playing positions of authority.

Do you have actors able to replicate physically active roles?

Yes. We have professional role-play actors who have previously worked in the armed forces, security, and emergency services.

Why should we choose London Role Play?

We are a trusted company providing a high-quality service at competitive rates. We work closely with our role-play actors on a regular basis and know instantly who’s right for your job.

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