Personal Impact Workshops

Boost your delegates’ confidence and presentation by giving them the skills to handle being in the spotlight.

In addition to our corporate role-play workshops, The London Role Play Company designs and delivers ‘Personal Impact’ workshops.

Business training often touches on the importance of preparing to be in the spotlight, though seldom covers techniques thoroughly enough to make a real difference. Coming from a background in professional acting, we aim to develop skills in a depth that is properly effective in helping make a good ‘personal impact’.

These skills are useful for any number of work situations; creating and giving presentations, chairing meetings, conducting meetings, being the interviewee, networking, dealing with difficult situations – in fact, any scenario where the delegate needs to take control.

Workshops are based on the fact that acting techniques can help us perform in the workplace, like they help us perform on stage.

Aims of ‘Personal Impact’ workshops
  • To build confidence. This will come from (a) an increased awareness of how others perceive us now; (b) knowledge of what to do in order to present ourselves in a positive light.
  • To give participants practical exercises to help their personal impact. These can cover; relaxation, breathing, voice, good posture, movement, positive visualisation, focusing on goals, and psychological actions.
  • For participants to experience being in front of an audience in a safe environment.
  • For participants to feel there is a choice in how they present themselves and make an impact.
A practical workshop for your business

‘Personal Impact’ workshops are purely practical, looking at both physical and psychological techniques to help us present ourselves well.

The emphasis is on having fun, using the imagination, and searching out the positive. We want participants to find the enjoyment in being in the spotlight.

Our facilitator will come from an acting background having both experience of taking workshops and directing. Their approach will be informal and promote open discussion.

Bespoke workshops

Our ‘Personal Impact’ workshops are tailored to your specific organisation. We research who your participants are and what skills we need to focus on. We design exercises to encompass relevant settings, content, and goals. It’s important for participants to relate instantly to workshops and have a clear idea of the end benefits.

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